Installation Process

Surface Preparation

The existing concrete floor is profiled with a diamond carbide grinder or shot blasted to achieve the desired Concrete Surface Preparation (CSP) which is needed to ensure optimal adhesion of the Resinous System. Our equipment is paired to HEPA filtration systems that eliminate airborne particles ensuring a virtually dust free environment.

Moisture Barrier Primer

Moisture is the enemy of optimal adhesion of any high solids resinous system. For this reason our company invests in the application of a moisture vapor barrier in order to ensure your resinous floor will have the best possible adhesion to the substrate, period!

Base Coat resin and Decorative Flake or Quartz

A durable two part resin system is applied over the desired surfaces (horizontal and vertical) and then back-rolled to ensure an even distribution. After the application of the base coat, the desired decorative system is applied to obtain an aesthetically pleasing result while ensuring increased durability and anti-slip properties.

Finally a UV and Abrasion Resistant clear Grout/Seal Coat is applied over the entire surface to achieve that well known "showroom look".